roll call!



Species: High-Plains Barbarian  |  Age: 13

Fighting. Pillaging. Slaying. Pillaging. Feasting. Pillaging. Sleasting (Slay-Pillaging). While these are the primary pastimes of the common Barbarian, Richard couldn’t be less interested in his culture’s ferocious pursuits.  This gentle giant prefers hunting down rare philosophy books to wild SaberBears. Richard’s complete lack of killer instinct is unheard of for his kind, but so is his intelligence.  



Species: Not-as-cool-as-he-thinks Wizardian  |  Age 13

Hours before the story begins, Sidney was given his Staff of Rubisia— a powerful conduit for spells and magic. Though its power is restricted and for training purposes only, Sidney believes he’s now the mightiest student in school. Accordingly, he found it appropriate to give himself the nickname ‘hWiz. Unfortunately the other fourteen Wizardians in his class just received their staffs as well.



Species: Elusive Forrest Elf   |  Age: 12

Roel’s quick and calm wits conquer every problem thrown her way. Her positive, can-do attitude has alienated her from the other elves in her class, but she couldn’t care less. Equal parts spunk and sass, Roel is the leader of this humble trio…just don’t tell that to Lil’ Drago.



Species: Freakishly Large Cyclops  |   Age: Unknown

Not a whole lot is known about Bill the Cyclops. In fact, no one's even sure his name is Bill, it just kind of stuck. When he's not smashing SkyChalets full of middle school kids, he's standing idly in the fields of LoneEyeShire, blowing softly at passing clouds, and humming his favorite childhood lullaby, 'Oh, How Much Eye Love Thee.' 


Lil' drago

Species: Standard Dragon  |  Age: 13

The only thing Lil’ Drago likes more than tea and crumpets is correcting his fellow classmates. Pompous and prestigious, Lil’ Drago comes from the wealthiest family in The Land. A late physical maturation has prevented him from breathing fire or flying through the air, but he basks in the glory of knowing his development is only a few sunsets away. Or so he hopes.  



Species: Regorian Hireling (Mercenary) |   Age: Unknown

This Orc is in the business of slinging flaming rocks, and business is good.