Justin and Jordan met in the grassy glen of Artist Alley during a particularly magical WonderCon. Justin was the illustrator who drew the end titles for Deadpool and Thor: The Dark World. Jordan was the author who wrote a humor book about Hair Metal and a graphic novel about robots who worshipped human artists.

After exchanging pleasantries, the two freakishly tall men (you can spot each across the con floor) discovered they lived a mere stone’s throw from one another. Three fortnights later, a weekly Tea Time was established.

During one of these meet-ups, whilst sipping the finest black teas and lattes Santa Monica has to offer, a tiny morsel called Middle School Earth dropped from the conceptual heavens. Each and every Tea Time since has been dominated by talk of barbarians, elves, dragons, griffins, and of course, L.A. traffic.  

You can find both on Twitter: @ClausStudios and @Jordan_Hart